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This journey is for my family, and I live this as a continuation and influence from their stories, shared interests and time spent together.

Embracing narratives and visuals from their lives has, in fact, allowed me to cherish the "now" even more.


It gives me an idea of how I, or we as humans, would feel in the future as we age, when the people and things we love are no longer around.

And sometimes, we fight so hard to remember and preserve a moment in time.

It allows me to discover the things and notions I never knew before, to appreciate more, to see beauty in simplicity.

And to just be grateful. 


Whatever the ups and downs and wherever life takes me, I never stopped believing in creating for love, respect and sincerity. And there is no better way to embody that than through the work about and for people you care about. In every bittersweet moment of capturing a story, be it for someone or for myself, that interaction is (to me) what makes life wholesome!

Stay humble, live kindly, truthfully and sincerely as you know it, and keep going with a smile!

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