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’生存之道‘ - The Course of Life (God of Games Exhibition @ Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre)

生存之道 (shēng cún zhī dào - “The Course of Life”), embraces experiences and figures that leave indelible marks. Using subtle symbolism rather than literal visual representations, the artist believes that they create a bigger impact through evoking emotions. 


The game is a metaphor for life. The ball’s movements and sounds represent the plethora of emotions we feel. To commemorate her family’s experiences in different art forms, pieces of her childhood are placed as supporting characters. The overall playing process is like a performance and should be appreciated from a seated position. The setting also  provides a chance for families and friends to spend time together and engage in heart-to-heart conversations, a simple activity that is often taken for granted.


The artist also finds serenity in moon-watching. In honour of her family, companions and historical figures who have inspired her since young, she uses the moon to personify them, watching her from a distance. In Chinese culture, bamboo represents unfaltering resilience, conveying encouragement and comfort to its audience.






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