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My fondness for Chinese Brush Painting and calligraphy goes back to my primary school days. It even made me enjoy things like ‘习字’ (Chinese penmanship) and ‘改正’ (Corrections for Chinese spelling tests), where I get to write and appreciate the flow of each stroke over and over again. As I get older, seeing 'romantic or poetic looking' Chinese art, calligraphy and proverbs somehow reminds me of my childhood and my family. I started picking up digital illustrations in my own free time in hopes to pay tribute to our heritage and incorporate that innocent passion back then into my modern-day artworks, creating my own form of calligraphy-inspired artworks, each telling a story of its own.

I have also done commissioned projects for various companies including cover arts, digital posters etc. 

Mother's Day (20220502)


’媽‘ - Ma (Project for Mother's Day 2022)

The mattress and clothes from my childhood.

The old TV set from your childhood home.

I sometimes think about how far we have all come in life. 

That my mum was also once a little girl.

The simple everyday things are the most cherished moments that I love and want to remember the most. And in the future, I will remember them by looking at the moon. 

Can't ever be thankful enough. 


念 (20220319)


’念‘ - Niàn represents a love story that celebrates bittersweet romanticism and sentiment. 

Beyond the deepest of seas,

Beyond the highest of skies,

Beyond the end of time. 

Till then, we find ways to remember and to connect,

Telling ourselves that they hear us, 

Telling ourselves that 'forever' exists. 



The unshaken devotion translates into the unfaltering growth of a land of roses as they imitate the form of the ’念‘ word, translating the heart and soul that has been poured endlessly into an intangible call for the ones we miss so dearly. 

You Mian (2022-02)


’面‘ - Miàn (Work-in-progress)


A lighthearted play on this Chinese word, as a tribute to my fondness for 幼面 (and also other noodles).  Appreciating the flow of every stroke is therapeutic and something that I go to at night that puts my mind at ease. 

Just like how a simple bowl of noodles can be comforting :)

Christmas Eve (20211220)




There's always a story but it's up to your intepretation for this one :)

Good Morning Towel (20211106)


’Good Morning Towel‘


There's always a story but it's up to your intepretation for this one :)

Moonshine (20211105)




To the moon. Tribute to my fondness for moon watching that started maybe before I even learnt how to write the word '月亮".



’月亮总在陪伴着‘ - 2020~2021 


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